About Me

I started modeling just for our family pictures, (I am the mom of 5 great kids)and get more experience and also to raise the bar in modeling.
People have always said "Chelle you should be a model" Well....folks I finally listened to you all.

I am also told I can be quite exciting with some clothes still on!

I am open to ideas that may seem edgy to some.
and, I will work hard to give you what you want and need for your portfolio.

We all know that a model must tease the viewer and I work especially hard at doing just that.

If you hire me we will "get it right the first time" no drama AND i show up on time.
My rates I am told are very reasonable: 2 hour minimum please
Casual (edgy ok) 50.00
Bikini: 70.00 ( I can be verry exciting!)
Lingerie: 80.00
Implied nude: 110.00 (I can rock it)

Email me here to get us rolling in the right direction:
I love to try and push the limit.. I have a huge bucket list..

I will always get you what you need for your portfolio!

my fav photographer to ever work with is listed below and I hope he sees this and contacts me soon...


Shark Imaging IS #:1000529


18 Jul 16 22:01
Amazing port :)
15 Apr 16 17:24
Nice port
15 Jul 14 16:30
To a wonderful model I hope I get a chance to work with again, again, and again. You are the best.
05 Jul 14 10:40
Nice port!!! Let me know if u come to Nashville!!!
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