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About Me

My name is "B" I've been shooting on my own now for 5 years, but I've been in the industry for a total of 9 years as a Photo Assistant and then worked my way up to photographer. I do mainly Glamour and Commercial photography, but I also shoot portraits, family and events. Based in San Diego I am now working to build and launch my brand "Studio B Photo Productions" focusing on just that, production based around photos. It starts with the photography but it ends with film, video, clothing and every media that there is. I'm am looking for new and seasoned talent, who will can fit in and work in the fun-free and drama free atmosphere I create on my sets. I shoot up to the comfort zone of my models. If you only shoot in swimsuits then that's all we'll shoot, if its nude then we'll shoot nude (you get the point).

To book a shoot you can contact me here or email:

Look forward to working with you.