About Me

Official photographer for Be Yourself™ magazine. I am now doing fashion shoots and fashion show shoots.

To All Models: If you cancel any shoots you must get back to me to reschedule the shoot unless I canceled first. I will NOT chase any model to reschedule the shoot. If I don't hear from you in a few days after cancellation then I assume you are not no longer interested.

If I don't hear from you a day before the shoot, it's canceled!

For those Models I drop a message to, please have a courtesy to respond even if it is a no answer..Thanks!

Booking for 2009.
If interested in working with me, contact me here or my email.

Hi! Thank you for visiting my profile.
My name is Melvin Aber and I am based in the Pittsburgh metro area. I am an experienced professional photographer. I specialize in model portfolio, fashion & glamour.

I will accept limited TFCD for new model working with me for the first time.
My rates after that are: $25.00 per shoot, any style, unlimited outfits and no time limited.

The shoot is all about YOU not me. I am here to help to build up or updates your portfolio. I will try to offer you a very relaxed atmosphere. I do mostly outdoor and indoor shoots. No shoot is too weird for me. I do and will shoot with plus size models but prefer those to be very serious about this kind of work. Yes, I do travel.
I am not amateur photographer or GWC. I am a professional.

Contact me and let's see how we can help each other.

My e-mail: maber140@comcast.net

References available upon request.

People I loved working with and have my recommendation:
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Kodi Ackley
Amber Dubielak
Amanda Klages
Sammi..teen model
Mindy DeMeo..Model
Denise Johnson..Model
Be Yourself Magazine..Kristi Taylor
Alan Lee..Model & Photographer
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Chelsea Miles..Model
Layce Price..Model
Jordan Beckham..Photographer
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Sew Addicted(Angie Fec)..Clothing Designer
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Nirvana Gaffey..Model
Katrina Connell..Model
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Jessica Poutous..Model
Kristie Moe..Model & Photographer
Jerica Orlando..MUA
Grace Kosko..Hair Stylist
Paige Schilling..Teen Model
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Miss Kristen B..Model
Erin Rose..Model
Christopher Gooden..Photographer
Tom Martin..Photographer
Dani Lyons..Model
AM Models..Dawn Lilly
Charlene Geyer..Hair Stylist
Becca C..Promoter


Official photographer for Be Yourself magazine and The Firehouse Girls.
Two tear sheets for Daily News, McKeesport, PA
I have worked with several models from PA (mostly), NY, MD, OH, VA, WV, IL, IA, NC and CA.
SassySistah magazine cover and photos...Kristi Taylor MM#395503
One photo for the women's football league website.(2002)
Be Yourself magazine tear sheets.
Kids wrestling teams.
2008 Patriot Girls calendars
I am a member of IFPO (International Freelance Photographers Organization)#63793
Photos published in the local newspapers.
McFadden's Fashion Shows