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I've been practicing photography since I was seven years old, photographing with my dad at his photography studio in NYC. I'm a private photographer, very select with who or what I will display online. I love NYC and on site shoots, being out of doors, freaky fashion, glamor and people in general. I really love those with positive attitudes and positive out look on life. It shows in the photograph and they are typically much much more fun to work with. My main goal is to create unique and distinct photos, The best way to continue to grow as an artist is to experiment with many different people and locations. Everything I do is a portfolio builder, I have a studio Thats rented as needed, but much prefer on site or outdoor shooting because of the natural lighting and beauty of the surrounds.
I believe the quality of my photographs are good and those who are new, starting off in the modeling industry and need to build your portfolio, I would be happy to assist. If you have no experience I believe it should be an even trade and would be an even exchanged between us. No money only a quality product for you to put in your portfolio. I'm very easy to work with,very professional and can help your career.


28 Sep 14 15:30
You’re invite to be part of the FB Trading group for post your sell or search: New York Photographic Equipment: Buy & Sell www.facebook.com/groups/358579300963687
02 Sep 14 12:43
Nice work!
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