About Me

**I am now taking bookings to Art Nude, pm for more details :)**

I've been modelling now for nearly five years, and I'm still in love with it! I have been on several catwalks for different fashion stores such as Love Weddings, Marks & Spencer, New Look, Serendipity of Epworth, The Kitty Kats Corsets and Monsoon.

Late last year I worked as a model, for the exhibition ran by SCOOP, for the Italian fashion company Tramarossa. I have also been a part of Paintopia 2013, and again last year for Paintopia 2014, I can't express just how much I loved being a blank canvas and being painted as something weird and wonderful.

I am trained in; Ballroom, Latin ballroom, Ballet, Samba, Jive, Jazz, Contemporary, Hip-hop, Street, Musical Theatre, Swing, Cha-Cha, Flemenco, and a little of the Foxtrot. Other talents include singing and acting. I was also the choreographer for a Burlesque troop named The Kitty Kats.

My look: I never use fake tan, I have very clear skin, no scars, naturally long hair, my nails are always well manicured (happy to paint or style them how you like), I have my navel and tragus pierced, and have one very small rose tattoo on my hip covered by underwear.

Levels: I do indeed work to tasteful topless and nude, I'm very comfortable in my own skin :) I do on request body painting, I know of many wonderful painters that have won top competitions, if you so wish to work on body painting.

Availability: My calendar on here is always up to date, I very rarely work on a Sunday unless you approach me and can only work on a Sunday specifically. I am also not currently taking on any TFP/TF work an the moment, please feel free to message me with your idea and if I feel it will benefit both of our portfolios we can get a date put in the calendar.

Travel: I really do love to travel so please don't be out off by where I am, I have just moved from London to Doncaster making it very easy for me to get out to places such as Blackpool, Newcastle, Hull, London, Norwich, Ipswich, Southend, and Plymouth. I only charge travel expenses on a TFP shoot and even then I'm happy to split it half and half.

Home shoots: Yay I can shoot from home now, I have now got the house ready to be able to shoot from (it still has final touches to be added, but what house doesn't?). My cottage is quaint but just right for shooting, and we can work all over the house. There's a large bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, lounge (with a fire place), reception, and an empty spare room with a large built in wardrobe in a rustic shabby chic styling. Every rooms door is in a Tudor styling in constancy to the wooden ceiling beams. I can shoot from home any day on a weekday, if you are looking to shoot with me on a Saturday, I will need a few weeks notice in advance. During the week I can shoot from between 8am through to 6pm. Everything is movable, and every corner is usable, so nothing is glued down, we can move around freely and get whatever image you are after.

The wardrobe: I have everything from Gothic gowns, to Alice in Wonderland dresses, costume jewellery, cocktail dresses, 50's dresses, hats, gloves, old books for props, casual clothes, suits, shawls, ball gowns, a real wedding dress with two veils and white gloves, cloaks, and every type of make up including fake blood. Oh yes and I have an acoustic guitar :)

I must however stress that I am a vegetarian and therefore an animal rights activist and will not model fur/leather/feather/wool/skin or stuffed animals. I am more than happy to do a shoot with any of said clothes that are faux, and am very happy to work with live animals.

Filmography: I would love to do more in this area now I've got my degree in Performing Arts, so I would really love to put my skills to good use.

Here is a link to the first piece of filmography I did about two years ago: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=169432893255359&set=vb.137645446434104&type=3&video_source=pages_video_set

The facts:

Happy to get changed on location, as well as working to lingerie.
Happy to work to topless and nude. As well as body painting.
Happy and comfortable without a chaperone.
Happy to bring whatever you ask. (Even if that means going out and getting it.)
Happy to do any form of make up or hair styling. (If I don't think I can accomplish the look, I have a M.U.A and stylist, whilst I'm in London to call upon.)
Happy to travel anywhere. (I have a rail card.)
Happy to work with other models, female or male.
Happy to work with you whether you've been doing this for years, or picked the camera up yesterday.
Happy to climb trees, or just be daring!
Happy to work from home.
I'm very happy.
If you have any questions about little ole' me, please don't hesitate to ask I'm more than happy to talk, my rates are very reasonable and if you're not all that happy still, I do a few offers every month.

Thank you for reading.

Miss. Fox X