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About Me

I am a female photographer with 4 years part time experience based in London/ Singapore and have recently set up my own studio in Singapore where I came from originally. I belong to one of the diminishing tribes of photographers who started in a darkroom tinkering with chemicals and unwieldy projectors. Experimenting with lights is now easier in the digital age and my eyes were opened to the endless possibilities after having read the book Light, Science, Magic (Hunter, Biver & Fuqua).

Photography has taken me to many cities and countries. Landscape photography is one of my personal passions.

I am also interested in photographing people and experimenting with new ways of lighting using studio lights and off camera flashes. I enjoy working with different people and bringing out different aspects of individuals through photography, helping each person to express their individuality. Having previously done work as an event photographer, I am currently seeking to expand my portfolio of fashion shoots. Open for test shots and working with new MAUs and models.


01 Dec 14 15:41
Nice work!
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