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Averill (Haigler) Kiongozi
Online Boutique

AVERILL NYC Fashion Art Beauty
A fun, flirty, online specialty boutique
Known for carrying an outstanding collection of to-the-minute trends,
AVERILL NYC team of designers capture the attention of fashionista's, offering
an extensive assortment of darling tops, dresses, jewelry, and assorted accessories.

We follow the trends at the New York and international fashion shows so that you don’t have to. We select our new styles based on how interesting, diverse and eye-catching they are. No matter when you visit, we’ll always have something new and exciting to offer.

At AVERILL NYC, we’re passionate about Fashion Art Beauty. We enjoy helping you find the perfect outfit, art or beauty item and we believe shopping should be fun!

So whether you’re looking for something trendy or for fashionable accessories, we’ve got all your fashion needs covered at AVERILL NYC.

When it comes to your style, it's important that you get expert advice. We take great care to ensure that all of your wishes are addressed with meticulous attention to detail. We also inject a bit of our own creativity into the process, to help you find the perfect outfit.

Averill (Haigler) Kiongozi
Chairman / CEO

Few Modeling Rules for Professionals:
1. Be on time. PLEASE arrive at least 5 minutes early for a go-see; 30 minutes early for a fashion show; 15 minutes early for a photo session.
2. Go alone. No friends or boyfriends; and bring your parents only if you are under age. (Go see's, castings, test shoots, & shoots are like going to work and/or a job interview. You do not take friends to either of the two nor should you bring friends on set unless you're under 18yrs. Rule: If you do not feel safe going to see a photographer/designer very simple you should NOT GO! safety is First.)
3. No smoking, drinking or eating while on assignment (Unless provided)
4. Do not sit while modeling client's clothing
5. No scented perfumes or colognes when on a booking.
6. Always wear under-arm shields when on assignment.
7. Always hang each garment back on the hanger with zippers zipped and buttons buttoned.
Be professional; do not comment neg. about the clothing are asked to model.
Rates: Inbox for details of other rates
Contact Via https://www.averillnyc.com (Be a Model Tab)


20 Jan 15 13:34
Thanks for the FR. Keep up the great work.
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