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About Me

I've been shooting landscapes for 10 years and am now taking the steps towards shooting portraits, head shots, and portfolio images for new and upcoming models in the Piedmont/Triad region of Winston-Salem. I am currently open to TFP agreements until I establish myself in a studio. I am most interested in shooting upcoming models of all kinds but most of all wish to shoot Steampunk and Cosplay models. I would also like shooting dancers, yogis, musicians and performers of all kinds. I am very creative and appreciate others creativity.

I shoot both film and digital, and have a wide assortment of equipment to take on any assignment. I recently added a Nikon D-800 to my collection of digital cameras, which is second only to medium format at 36 megapixals.

I am a very professional person who has exhibited fine-art photos internationally and received awards and grants for my landscape photography shot in Ireland, England, Wales and Scotland, as well as Puerto Rico and my beautiful home state of North Carolina. I seek others with a similar professional drive to explore an artistic expression they have not yet achieved. I am not interested in shooting any form of nudes, nor any form of fetish or pornographic work.

I would also like to shoot for makeup, hairstyle, garment/accessory, and set designers at a very reasonable rate, or in exchange for future services. Your artistry is what makes the models look great, and I would love to help others who might, in return, help me.

Finally I welcome and encourage friendship with my fellow photographers. I firmly believe in friendly competition and would rather have you with me than against me. I am open to sharing ideas, experience, and goals so we all grow together.

Thanks for looking at my work and my profile. Friend me and/or message me and I'll friend you back and reply. I look forward to it! Please contact me if you wish to join me in a creative endeavor, no matter what race, gender, age or shape you may be. If you are inspired to do something different, I want to hear from you. Let's all go do something creative! Dream and we can make it happen!!!


Woods Of Terror, Greensboro, NC
Freeman Wood Crafters, Stoneville, NC


15 Dec 14 13:02
Great work!
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