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My background is one of an artist, at a very young age I started developing my talent. I got into the modeling industry but wasnt satisfied being on that side of the lens, so I began to learn portrait photography, often photographing children, families, Seniors, and Models.Through the years I gained much knowledge and experiance, traveled to many destinations (South Africa, Hawaii, Bahamas, just to name a few) around the world and have photographed almost every aspect of the industry. So far it has been 9 years and I have enjoyed every oppurtunity that has come my way. Check out my work and please comment me.
I am looking to work with serious models and produce professional results, but will help those just starting out as well. Most of the posing of my models was created with my direction so if you do not have the experiance i will help you in that area as well.


Matthew Gardner #774347
Matt Dillon #716866
Nolan Fitzgerald #584154
Alicia 2223 #707451
Craig Hauser #618222
Troy VanHouten #601883
jwheels76 #682284
Kyle A #435905
Thaddeus Green #208244
Nolan Fitzgerald #584154
Craig Hardy #361904
Mike Tennessee #86204
Madelyn Elizabeth #405435
Bretton Himes #154358
Alex Rush #414415
Jaymzuh #439059
Anthony Parente
Peter K (model for ae.com, A&F)
Michel C
Ken Mueller #737298


08 Jun 15 10:04
Nice work
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