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Photography is a huge part of "me", and my life, but I'm not as good with words to describe myself here, as I am with a camera.

My interest in photography began as a kid, shooting black and white film. I later explored 35mm but my life circumstance changed and I moved away from photography for several years. I returned when digital came around, and I enjoy the instant feedback on the back of my camera.

I have a small studio, and employ studio lights indoors, and utilize radio controlled speed-lights, and a variety of reflectors when I'm out and about.

I've not found my niche' yet, so I continue to explore the light. My time is limited, so I have to be selective in the projects that I take on. I strongly prefer creative projects, such as costumes, themes, off-beat locations, etc... "Out of the norm" will get my attention, and I'm looking forward to a sampling a variety of tastes, from heavily pierced and/or tattoo'd, from pin-up to steampunk... Willing to do some select trade work if I find your project interesting.

I'm working to learn my way around this site, so I might be a little slow..

Thank you...


04 Feb 18 15:41
Love your port:)
23 Jan 15 21:13
Nice work!
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