About Me


I'm currently based in Miami, FL (without travel limitations) and my medium is professional fashion and editorial photography. Therefore, from behind my lens; I focus on expressions, vivid colors, black/whites and image polarity!

However, I don't associate myself as being "just" a photographer but more of a professional visual artist above anything else.

My RATES are very reasonable and includes; the fee(s) of MY selected professional MUA and STYLIST team unless otherwise stated.

In addition, I'm VERY selective and currently ONLY offer "REDUCED RATES" to quality NOTE-WORTHY AGENCY represented models!! You'll receive high quality edited 9x12 full resolution portfolio ready "PRINTS" of the selected photo shoot image(s) and or up to three (3) low resolution jpeg images displaying my logo for the internet use but never a CD!!!

Yes, I'm aware that many models receive CD copies of unedited photo shoot images from willing so-called photographers. However, this practice does "NOT" happen with me! So, please don't waste "your" time asking!!!

AzWah Saadiq
Published Professional Photographer


305.600.1497 | MIAMI
310.773.0698 | L.A
404.492.9741 | ATLANTA

**Please do not view the image(s) and or lack of image(s) on this page as a total reflection of my online portfolio. But, rather view my page as one of many tools I use for the purpose of networking with imaging professionals!

However, you can view more images via my WEBSITE.


I simply DON'T comprehend the so-called TFP/TFPCD concept!!! Regardless of WHO contacts WHO......I will NOT work for FREE so please DON'T assume, expect and or bother asking!!! FYI, even taking a SH%T isn't FREE....because "TP" cost MONEY and so does QUALITY IMAGES!!!!

1. I require a 50% non-refundable DEPOSIT!!!!!

2. Reduced Rate(s): Offered "SELECTIVELY" to breathtaking, open minded serious and experienced AGENCY represented models ONLY! (message or call me for rates and details)

3. AGENCY represented models will receive edited print ready 9x12 and or web image(s) via emailed/server download link normally within (2) weeks of said photo shoot unless "EXTENSIVE" post work is required.

4. Contrary to the foolish mind-set of certain model(s) and the hobbyist approach taken by many gwc's!!!! I seriously value MY time and the time of those (professional mua, stylist, designers) whom I've chosen to WORK with for said photo shoot(s) and neither one of us will work for FREE!!!

Therefore, "MODELS" please DON'T contact me regarding a photo shoot without requesting my RATES!!!!