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For as long as I can remember I have wanted to model and I am finally exploring the option after making some life-decisions to pursue more things that make me happy.. I originally studied in fine art/fantasy illustration {including taking a series of figure drawing classes}. Albeit my love of art I took a detour for a few years completing my BSBA then spending 5 years in a corporate job. Well I just can't stay away and am now transitioning back to the art world. I am also an aspiring yoga teacher, artist (at heart), avid gardener (a girl needs to eat) and studying various Eastern/holistic health and energy modalities. I might as well add I like learning new things!

As I feel I have the confidence to create amazing photos, some of my primary goals at this time include: gaining more experience in front of the camera/lighting angles/direction/etc, developing a unique portfolio and forming connections with other like minded artists both on and off camera. Life's too short not to go for it... so let's collaborate!


For the type/style I am looking to build my portfolio around, I found it was easiest to collect my inspiration here:
or here:

Music Inspiration:

Other inspiration from my illustration days:
Michael Parkes...
Amy Brown...
Salvador Dali...a classic


So interested in shooting together!? Some general housekeeping items... unfortunately safety is something we all need to be aware of... I dream of a world where this is not the case but for now. ESCORT: if we shoot together I hope you can understand and respect that I will have an escort for the initial contact, once meet & greets have been completed the escort can leave and I am more than happy to shoot without an escort. Comfort and trust is my first priority as I am not looking to get rich from modeling, yet simply to collaborate with other artist to well...create art. TP/Paid: I am happy to shoot on TP as I have said already my primary interest in art vs. income, but if you plan on selling or generating income from the artwork it is appreciated if this is discussed prior to shooting and proper compensation is made. MUA: So, I typically do not wear makeup 99% of the time, I love my {sensitive} skin... and I am holistic health nut. I can do my very best to do my hair/makeup, if you are looking for a specific style it might be best if we could find a makeup artist that would also be interested in working on shoot. I will also be investing a natural product line that can travel with me.


Please feel free to send me a message if you have an inspiration for a shoot!

**All photos in portfolio as of 03/03/2015 no filters/editing taken by amateur photog {aka the lovely husband}**


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