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About Me

*Note: The location listed above is where I am right now. Please check the travel schedule in the lower part of my bio or my website for other areas I will be visiting!*

Thanks for visiting my page! I am Celina Bobina and here is a little bit about me,

I have modeled for several years doing a variety of work from art and fashion modeling to videography and I LOVE IT! I enjoy working with photographers that are professional and easy to get along with. I do not do trade work (if you are interested in flying me and my partner to a super cool location that has awesome rock climbing we might be able to talk), if you have a tight budget let me know and I will do my best to accommodate! I love to do nature shoots and have no problems with climbing trees, rocks, jumping in/out of water, getting muddy, sandy, you name it! I am happy to shoot with other models in a professional setting as well as animals. I love artistic and tasteful nude shoots as long as they remain professional.

This is my job and I love what I do. When I make a commitment to shoot I will be there. Please feel free to ask for references, or chat with photographers I have worked with if you would like verification!

If you book a shoot with me, ESPECIALLY if I am traveling to shoot with you, please respect my time and schedule. Last minute cancellations are inconsiderate and detrimental to my scheduling and bank account.

*2 hours is the minimum for booking me.*

If I am traveling to solely shoot with you then I require compensation for travel costs along with my hourly rate.

-Note that I travel and rock climb in between gigs and sometimes I am out of cell service and wifi capability. If I do not respond promptly this is the reason, I promise I will get back to you once I return to civilization!

Other info:
-I have no piercings aside from my ears
-No tattoos
-I am very athletic capable of climbing/balancing on many things
-I rock climb all the time and may have scratches or bruises occasionally.
-My hair is VERY long
-I generally will not shave pubic hair however legs and armpits I will shave unless you ask me not to.
-I am an experienced horse woman and always love opportunities to shoot with them

*I shoot artistic nudes, NO pink, NO spread shots, NO playboy style shots, NOTHING of a pornographic/suggestive nature, NO exceptions. If you are looking for any of these things please do not contact me, and DO NOT wait until the shoot to spring it upon me. I reserve the right to end the shoot at any point if I feel boundaries have been crossed.*

-Traveling does not allow for a very extensive wardrobe, but I generally have a couple outfits and one or two pairs of heels. I am also happy to shop for specific items with reimbursement.

Itinerary for Winter/Spring 2015:

*Currently in Boulder, CO*


4-7 Los Angeles Area
8-10 Raleigh NC
11-13 Los Angeles Area
18-22 Boulder/Denver CO

East Coast! Kentucky, North Carolina, Virginia DC, New Jersey, New York...Dates coming soon.

I am always happy travel inside the US or abroad with airfare/gas covered.

Message me to book a shoot!
-Please include dates, concepts, and compensation(I do NOT work for prints, period. But I am happy to sort out a rate that works for both of us!)

Cheers to you if you read my whole page!

Despite all the boring and serious stuff I am quite a lively and energetic person! I love sharing ideas during shoots, swapping stories, and I am always more than happy to spout off vagabonding tips!

Let's make some awesome art! Oh, did I mention, I also use the word awesome and inordinate amount...it's an awesome word though!



23 Jul 15 20:08
Beautiful port! Love your work!
06 May 15 10:07
Welcome to iStudio Celina. I wish you great success in this upcoming year I look forward in collaborate with you in near future.
03 Apr 15 12:04
23 Mar 15 11:42
Lovely work!
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