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Jenn Jensen Mayhem #361724 - Tank Girl shoot

About me:

Goodness, I hate talking about myself! If only because it makes me feel so self-absorbed. Nonetheless, if you’ve taken the time to visit my profile, I owe you this much.

I suffer from over-ambition. I can’t remember a time when I didn’t have a gazillion things planned. This results in sleep deprivation, over-spending on books and courses, being scattered all over and being unappreciative of vacations (I’m way too restless!).

I like both mainstream and alternative style photography and usually work with a single model at a time. I love to experiment with crazy hair styles, makeup and clothing. I tend to go for the artistic shot.

Unfortunately, English is my fourth language (after French, Italian and Spanish) and while it isn’t my least fluent, it will make you put up with the occasional grammatically induced heart attack.


About my portfolio:

Although my strength is in portraiture, I'd like to push my boundaries a lot more. I'd also like to dabble outside the "alternative fashion" scene more often. (Although, admittedly, my heart will likely always lie somewhere in the punk/goth/vampire/craziness range.)

I enjoy cosmetic dentistry as a hobby... hence all the 'fangs' you see in my portfolio were custom made by me. In fact, I often trade custom fangs in exchange for modeling time... so if you'd like your own pair, made to fit your mouth, that looks realistic, matches the color and organization of your other teeth... etc., then feel free to propose. You just might have a deal.

I'm also practicing to airbrush makeup... (Jesii's "Geisha" and "low-key" shots, as well as Dana's black makeup were done that way). I'd be interested in eventually doing full body airbrushing, but for now I should probably stick to the face and upper torso until I become more confident.

About my shooting style:

First, I should point out that I almost always bring my fiancée with me to all my shoots... she both serves as an escort, but much more importantly, she helps out as an assistant, and even provides very useful insight and creativity to every shoot. Since she is my everything, I count on being able to share my favorite hobby with her.

As for the photography itself, I enjoy seeking the artistic angle, expression, lighting, pose, etc. Typically, I'd play it safe until we find a frame we both really like, after which I like to 'throw away the photography rulebook' and have fun with a 'nothing-to-loose' attitude. Most of my portfolio content is from the latter part of shoots.

All my photography is done for the purpose of having fun... so you should expect an easygoing attitude from me during the shoot. However, I firmly believe in doing everything to keep a commitment and working hard to be punctual. I'd like to think I can get the same effort from your part.



06 Sep 09 19:03
Welcome! Good work.
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