About Me

James Laranjo is a Leading International Fashion & Street Photographer
based in the Philippines.
He earned his Bachelor's Degree at MSU.
He is a Career Service Professional. And has mastered his craft by attending
several Trainings & Workshops
conducted by both local & International known personalities in Photography
--Barry Braverman & Matt Siegel both from Hollywood to name a few.

His close collaboration with famous local & International Designers (e.g. TheWeddingCouture Singapore), Models & Make-up Artists, has molded his passion to get noticed Internationally including Photo Vogue Italia.

James Laranjo is here to reach out to anyone who needs a more personalized yet professional service in Photography.

James Laranjo is looking for clients & aspiring models who dare to do what it takes to be that legendary, unique & extraordinaire human species!

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04 May 15 18:08
Cool port!
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