About Me

Visual artist, Film-production artist, Visual designer.

I am a former ny face model who participated in the nyc fashion art illustration scene. I am a professional visual artist, visual designer with over 25 years experience. I have been published internationally and am an alumnus of the New York School of Visual Arts, New York, New York.

Fashion/Production Photo samples: https://www.flickr.com/photos/pleasantart/albums/72157675184262106
insta: #pleasant_fashion
insta: #pleasantart



Interests: Fashion (graphic) design and independent film and development. I am developing a fashion graphics line called Pleasant Fashion. In addition I am involved in developing an independent art film and photography series. Selections from my independent film series have already premiered in New York City (Chelsea arts district) and western Europe.

*I am in need of a model for an upcoming 'Lookbook' series of fashion photos for my art apparel project. I also seek a model/actress and additional photographer(s) to join me in further developing my upcoming art film production. I also seek a model for an upcoming non fiction publication that may reach critical levels of recognition. I look forward to networking with available talent. I function between Nyc, Europe and the southeastern usa (Florida, coastal Georgia/South Carolina.

I am interested in a model(s) who can display an natural innocent clean alternative kind of appearance. This best compliments the look I am going for which is somewhat period/retro (80's, 40's/60's, 70's) glam. My fashion design artworks are generally inspired by various 'scenes' from the 60's up to the mid 1980's. I am very much inspired by alternative scenes. I personally live a "Mod" type of lifestyle and am appreciative of Mod/skinbyrd influenced style and other creative looks including classic 80's style punk and dark rock ("goth")


Select published appearances include: Het Parool, The Nation Magazine, BlackBook Magazine, Nickelodeon television/MTV Viacom, TimeOut Amsterdam, NBC tv, Woodstock Times (NY), The Nation Magazine, The New York Press / Chelsea Clinton News, New York, New York., Elle magazine nl, NOS, NPO nl, RTL nl, AM New York, The Holland Times, South Magazine, Connect Savannah, De Volkskrant, La Manovella (Ita), Curve Magazine, The Village Voice among others.