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hello istudio...call me Reyn or "rain"
i've always dream of becoming a model but never had the confidence to do it. until i met this fabulous photographer from Cebu who convinced me. he was a joy to work with and manage to bring out the best in me teaching me the basics. now i love being in front of the camera and decided to be a full time model so i quite my job! im now all in for this career move...hope you'll support me folks;D

im game for any concept, any theme, send me your ideas and offers but please pay me, i need it to pay rent you know...

you can also reach me thru email

please like www.facebook.com/sexyreyn
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17 Dec 15 12:25
Amazing work! Please add me so we could work together in the near future. http://www.facebook.com/donger.ja.mes.paparazzi Add me on Facebook please so you get to see more of my work. -DJ Diggity Donger the Funky One aka the TOL Paparazzi Kid Prodigy
02 Dec 15 00:29
You're beauty is like a celebrity
22 Jun 15 08:59
Beautiful portfolio rain, have fun :-)
30 May 15 13:09
Outstanding photographs, you are a joy to view
27 May 15 12:42
Awesome !
26 May 15 17:00
Gorgeous work!
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