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I love shooting fine-art photography, but I am also interested in shooting many different subjects, in many different styles. I love variety in subject matter and photographic approach. If it's interesting and can be photographed, then I am interested in photographing it.

Note: I am currently in a process of reorganizing things, and will have a very limited model shooting schedule during the winter months. I plan to concentrate on acquisition, networking, promotion, and planning during this time. I will also be doing photo editing of existing images. For anyone that is waiting on photo editing, don't worry. My reduced shooting schedule won't affect my editing schedule. It will only help it. This isn't a hiatus from photography, just a temporary period of reorganization.



One of my photos was accepted in the West Virginia Juried Exhibition of 1993, hosted by the WV Cultural Center.

Also in 1993, I was invited to loan art to the Cultural Center, for a project they designed to help raise awareness among the state legislators of the need to properly fund the arts in West Virginia.

Shortly after 1993, I put photography on hold, because I could not stand breathing darkroom chemicals any longer. In 2005, I started over with digital equipment, and without those pesky darkroom chemicals.

Mayhem models I've shot with (number of times):

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08 Jun 10 01:31
how ya been ya crazy nut???
30 May 10 00:32
Just stopping by your page to say hi! Please let me know if I can ever be of any assistance with retouching any of your photos.
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