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About Me

20 year old photographer from Los Angeles Ca.
Currently seeking models who are willing to work trade for print. I might be young but I know my stuff and continuously get better everyday. Im young and creative so my style usually is different from many other photographers. I do take my work seriously and I have an organize work schedule, so please be serious if your willing to work together.
Instagram: edwardalexzander
Feel free to contact about any questions

I Am Picky for particular reasons but easygoing when it comes to working together I look for unique styles

1|If we work together I will first ask a little about yourself
Reason: It allows me to work creatively to apply a little of who you are in my work and also make the photos worth something

2| I will either let you pick your wardrobe or I will gladly to choose something for you
Reason: It allows you to be comfortable but I also pay attention to color scheme

3| Location

4| Photoshoot: I hope your comfortable around the camera but if not I will be able to make you feel comfortable I work to help you as well. At the end of the shoot I will allow you to choose what you like

5| Processing: usually takes me about 5-10 days to process my photos I take my time but I do deliver without a doubt.
Reason: I test the water I try to figure out whats good and what is not, I have 4 critics who will give opinions and we will analyze the best edit.


27 Jul 15 19:40
Welcome! Wishing you all the best :)
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