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About Me

I'm Darque or Darque Room Images, and I would consider myself a glamour/portrait photographer first with a mix of things that catch my eye. I have been on Tao.com for a while, but just completed the profile. So I guess that still makes me a newbie...lol. My purpose for being on Tao, is not to just find models, but to find MUAs, Hairstylists, and Wardrobe Stylists...those with a deep rooted passion and talent for what they do. Looking to create not just a team...but THE team.

I would like to make this a business, and to do that I will need your skills as well. Dedication, passion, respect, and trust. If you possess those qualities and like the work you see here on my profile, lets talk and see if we are a good match.

I am whole hardheartedly dedicated to seeing this succeed; to having my name,images, and reputation even more well known. How about you? Inbox me and lets get started.