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About Me

After 40 years of portrait photography, I am looking to expand on my Glamour Art Nude Images.
Having primarily spent all this time pursuing "success" as well as a viable living,
I now want to spend more time creating beautiful female images
I am looking to update my portfolio with Glamour and Art Nudes categories. I am trying to create some youthful poetic, soft focus images of 18-24 years of age for a planned book project.
However, my images have more "idealized" and "romanticized" finish.
I would like subject to do their hair and make-up; also, bring own wardrobe.
Any question can go to:
Thanks for considering me.I have finished 40 years of Portrait Photography, with a great reputation and continue doing commercial work.
See "John Reilly Photography"
I want to concentrate on "Glamour" "Art Nude and Nude" photography.
If interested send photos and contact me at:

My email is <>

Thanks for your consideration


23 Aug 15 17:09
Nice work!
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