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About Me

I am a photographer based in Southeast Texas. I currently operate under two brands. Jamie Setters Photography I shoot weddings, seniors and other portraits. Under Elegant Moments Boudoir I shoot boudoir. Those are the genres I currently shoot but am interested in branching into other genres.

Important Info:
1. I do not pay models to shoot at this time.
2. If I contact you, I want to do a trade shoot with you.
3. I only send request to those I want to work with in the future. If you are not interested do not accept my request. I also ask that you only send one if you are interested in working together at some point.
4. If I send you a message here or via email and do not hear back withing 5 days I will assume you are not interested.
5. If I need to cancel a shoot I will do so at least 2 days in advance and I would expect the same. Emergencies can sometimes happen that prevent this from happening but I do my best not to waste anyone's time.
6. Lastly, I'm a male photographer and a father to a daughter. I will show the same respect to women that I would expect to be shown to my daughter. I'm harmless but you are still welcome to bring an escort along as long as they don't interfere with the shoot if it makes you more comfortable.

Contact info:
Email: jamie@jamiesetters.com
Facebook: facebook.com/jamiesettersphoto and facebook.com/emboudoir
Web: www.jamiesetters.com and www.emboudoir.com


15 Sep 15 23:43
Nice work!
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