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We are in need of sharp models for glamour nude and Playboy style posing, these can be paid assignments or TFCD if you are in need of images for your own web sites, your choice. We are quality driven and work to place emphasis on a model's beauty and sexyness. I will always have a female assistant present at all shoots, and you may bring a friend for your comfort. On TFCD assignments I usually have the disk ready that day for the model to take with her.
I can also supply Video clips and CD or DVD slide show presentation disks for a very reasonable fee for you to market yourself.

If interested please contact us at (480) 577-1799 or e-mail us but please read the following first..

1. We are professionals and expect the models we agree to work with will be professional while they work with us..
2. Time is expensive and cigarette breaks are to be avoided. They waste our time and the air in the studio is fouled just by breathing after a smoke. Non-smokers are preferred.
3. We expect to do four or five at changes of looks which means clothed looks. This means BRING CLOTHING FOR FOUR OR FIVE LOOKS. DO NOT SHOW UP WITH NOTHING BUT A COMB. BRING ITEMS THAT YOU LOOK NICE IN, NOT CRUMPLED JEANS WITH HOLES IN THEM. In fact forget the jeans unless I ask for them.
4. Make sure your hair is manageble, clean and neat. Bring a comb, and brush. Bad hair means bad shoot, I will not shoot if you are not presentable.
5. You profile has chest, waitst, and hip measurments , if they are no longer accurate let me know when you contact me. This is very important, if you have gained weight and are no longer well proportioned don't bother to contact me.
6. No piercings or tatoos on the front of your body they are not acceptable, don't contact us except, belly button piercings. Small ankle or lower back tatoos may be tolerated.
7. You must be a self starter, know how to pose and not have to be directed into every pose, wastes too much time. Must not be shy, must be selfassured and somewhat uninhibited to be comfortable with nude photography. I expect input and ideas from you as you are part of the creative process.

Recent Models I have photographed:

Sabrina Starr OMP # 51904 Toronto, ON Canada A joy to work with. She made the entire process painless.

China Song OMP #119677 Hawaii, Hawaii Music to my Camera lens.

Layla Jade OMP #89055 Los Angeles, CA Great breasts.

Monika Maple OMP #212724 Toronto, Canada Great face

Ashlee James OMP #107869 Chandler, AZ USA The best experiance ever.....


Jet Magazine
Players Magazine
Dance Beat
Wells Fargo Bank
Studio Photography see also "www.qtm.Com"


19 May 10 14:22
Welcome to IStudio. Please let me know if you're ever in need of any professional photo retouching for your photos.
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