About Me

I am a makeup artist with more than eight years of international experience in the beauty, fashion, photography and events industry. I also teach makeup and style workshops and do hairstyling.

Beyond my working hours in one of the leading makeup brands. I spend most of my time in the beauty and fashion world. As part of Photoshoots, fashion productions, lectures and special events.
I was born in beautiful Venezuela, where being cute and looking perfect is a crucial part of our culture. I grew up between visits with my mom to the hair salon, my family’s suit factory and my beautiful community where I danced Israeli folk dances since I was four.
My passion for beauty started at a very young age when I started walking around my family’s clothing factory and playing as a “fashion designer”. Then when I was eight years old, I began to have a skin discoloration know as vitiligo. It was very notorious in my eyelids and legs. While searching for many treatments my doctor suggested makeup, and that was the best gift I’ve ever got!. Started searching and researching for the best makeup to cover my vitiligo and look “perfect” and slowly my love for makeup grew into a passion.
A few years passed, and I was 18 years old started my studies in fashion design and photography. Often I visited the MAC counter for new makeup inspiration, until one day when I was twenty I thought “I am here so much maybe I’ll just ask for a job”. They told me that I need to be a makeup artist. I studied with one of the makeup artists for the beauty queens (a big thing in Venezuela) and started my way into the makeup world.
Eight years passed since then, and I am still in love with makeup and fashion. I now live in Jerusalem, work with MAC in one of the main stores in the country and work as a freelancer for fashion shoots, bridal makeup and workshops.