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Weight:180 lbs
Measurements:32-28-32 in
Shoe Size:11
Hair Color:Brown
Hair Length:Medium
Eye Color:Hazel
Ethnicity :Caucasian
Skin Color:White
Join:1 Nov 2010

About Me

I have Modeled for a long time but I don't really have any of my pictures on this site. They are pretty much all at my agency. I just hopped on this site for fun, work, and to meet some new people. I have a Masters Degree in teaching and undergrad in Health & PE
Here is just some more random stuff:
Basically my life has revolved around having fun, education, playing sports (waterpolo, swimming, Javelin, Paintball), and of course friends & family.

My goals in life recently have been more centered around helping others to reach their own. Aside from that I just plan to stay healthy and as fit as possible. One of my long term goals is to play in the over 50 softball league with my dad:) LOL. He says he wants to make it to the over 50 league with his grandson. (my brothers kid who is about 1) That'd make my dad about hmmmm 109 years old for that to happen. Anyone that has seen my dad... realizes that this just might happen;)


If you want to keep your heart in shape you should do some sort of activity that is intense enough to keep a working heart rate (makes you sweat some) for a period of 15 minutes. Do this three times a week. (every other day) This is the bare minimum one can do in order to achieve some kind of cardiovascular gain.
What are the benefits of having a healthy heart you ask? Well... a heart that is in shape doesn't have to work as hard to push the blood around your body. Therefore, a heart that is in shape will beat less times per minute to accomplish the same amount of blood flow of a weaker heart. An added bonus to having a healthy heart is that when it is in shape you won't have to sleep as long at night to get your energy back. (Because your heart isn't under as much stress.) So there is really no excuse for NOT doing 15 minutes of cardio three days a week. The time you save by not having to sleep as long at night will surely overshadow the time you spend working out.


Good question. Simply put there are many ways to do this. Some are harder than others. Some are more risky than others. In my experience I've found that if you are burning off as many calories as you consume each day then your weight will remain the same for the most part. One of the best things for you body is consistency. With this in mind I try to avoid eating three huge meals a day (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) Instead I'll eat 6-12 times a day. Roughly every two hours I'll eat something. I try to make it so that my food portion is identical in size each time I eat. What this does is train your body to conform to a cycle. Your body will recognize that its about to get food sometime within every two hours. So rather than storing any food as fat it will instead use most of it for fuel. Your body loves cycles. If you were to only eat something once a day or worse yet... try starving yourself by not eating... your body will recognize that its starving and as a result will store most of the next food you eat as fat. Will you lose weight? Yeah sure... if you're not eating you're going to burn calories that you don't have and therefore you'll lose weight. BUT when you finally eat something your body will store it as fat. OH..and by the way ...when you starve yourself your body will burn away your muscle. So when you finally DO EAT something.. you'll become a nice piece of sculpted fat! Similar to what runway models use to be years ago. (not good) Then you are also open to many many MANY more health issues. Can't even list them all there are so many. SO.. HOW DO YOU BEAT THIS YOU ASK? Simple: Eat something every two hours but only eat enough food each day to equal your caloric burn.


Weight training is one of the best things for your body in terms of getting some kind of tone or shape. What you have to keep in mind though is that there are three different body types. Ectomorph, Endomorph, and Mesomorph. Ectomorphs are like your cross country runner build. No matter how much they eat they'll never seem to gain weight. Nor can they shape themselves. Endomorphs can shape some but have to work VERY hard to do it. Small set backs like a common cold will wipe out all of your hard work in a short period of time. Mesomorphs are the most dramatic when it comes to the ability to change your look. They trade fat for muscle in a short period of time but also gain weight very easily. With these concepts in mind it should be noted that work out results vary greatly from individual to individual. In general there is a pattern that I have people follow for toning their body. Simply going to your local gym and working all of your muscles and I do mean ALL OF THEM is a very good way to get toned. Being able to lift the weight 20 times in a row and doing that for two or three sets is ideal. Always work opposites. (Meaning if you do one set of biceps then you should do a set of triceps before coming back to your biceps for the second set.) Also work your lower back as much as your work your abs. You alternate those each set as well. Anytime you fail to work the opposite you are only setting yourself up for future injury.


To avoid your body becoming acidic you need to make sure you have a high calcium intake or at least a balance of acid and base. Calcium is a natural base. Acid occurs in your body based on poor food choices. Greasy foods and junk foods tend to create the most acidity. Acidity is what causes a majority of health problems. Including but not limited to: Heart, bone, skin, hair, teeth, and pretty much every organ in your body. Think of a swimming pool. When the acidity is to high in the pool the PH is off. As a result your swim suit might change color or fade after just a couple swims. Also your blonde hair might turn a tint of green. Well...this same type of acidity is common in a persons body. Having a good supply of calcium helps keep your body at a good PH level and helps to eliminate heart burn and stomach indigestion etc etc. When eating throughout the day you should always try to balance when you choose to eat acidic foods. Don't eat a ton of it in one sitting. Also remember that water is basically like the oil in your car engine. If you don't have enough you are slowly going to burn up. Lots of skin related issues are simply due to lack of hydration. Also things like soda and coffee are two of the worst products that you can become addicted to. They are NOT a substitute for water.

I realize that I have just very briefly scratched the surface of some major topics. If you want me to elaborate on any of them feel free to e-mail me. I'd be happy to chat. smile

Here are some fun quotes that I live by:
When you want something you have never had, you have to do something you have never done!

Never allow someone to be your priority while allowing yourself to be their option

I'm convinced that my life is 10% what happens to me and 90% how I react to it. (Charles Swindol)

The Difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather a lack of will. (Vince Lombardi)

The way I figure it, there are two kinds of people in the world. About 98re in one category. They sit along the sidelines and watch the fox hunt. They applaud whoever catches the fox and then they either boo or knock those who fail to catch the fox. Now, I'm in the 2nbsp; I don't always catch the fox and when I don't, I hear about it. But God, I'd rather go to the hunt then just observe it and talk about it! (nat-king-cole)

If you can't understand how or why someone is the way that they are....... THEN either try harder or else accept them for being different.

If I'm going to only live 80 years of life.... and 1/3 of it is going to spent sleeping and 1/3 of it is going to spent working... then I best spend the REST of the time I have left DOING SOMETHING FUN:) ... Something that puts smiles on the faces around me! Why would I want to waste any time with fighting or arguing? When one truly thinks about this... it becomes obvious that the real reason we are here is for each other. Have you helped anyone smile today?

Sometimes you have to experience bad things in life in order to understand and fully appreciate what the GOOD things REALLY ARE! So take it for what its worth because worrying is like a rocking chair. It keeps you busy but gets you NO-Where!

When you face a life changing problem. .... refrain from dwelling on what happened.... RATHER... thing about what you have control of and more-over... WHAT IS YOUR NEXT MOVE! (getting down on yourself has never helped YOU do anything before....and it won't now)

The one thing you can count on is your attitude.... its the one thing that NOBODY WILL EVER BE ABLE TO TAKE AWAY FROM YOU! The glory of it all is that you have the choice of what your attitude will be like everyday. What choices have you been making?