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About Me

I'm open minded love my Harley, love to work out and just want to have fun and be happy. I enjoy being on both sides of the camera but since i'm not very modest. I may be more daring on the model side of things than the photographer side. I would love to be involved in a body painting shoot some time in the near future. before i'm to old and start to look like i need ironing lol..
I really got in to this because of the manager of the band I play in (PsykNyne) I was already doing photography as a hobby and all of a sudden i'm on the other side of the lems with promo shots , for flyer CD's posters etc etc... I had competed as a amateur body builder just to push myself in the gym and because i was told i couldnt do it and if i did compete i would not do well because of my body type was more blockie like a fighter or power lifter. That was all the inspiration i need to not only compete but to place in every contest and win a few as well. I'm very competitive and confident. I Hope Iwill be able to bring that to this as well. I'm open minded and willing to travel with in the country. Also i am more concernd with making great ,creative and artistic photos than i am money. for sure. Anyway thanks for stopping by. Hope you like the photos and keep art alive.


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