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I am 22 years old and have been doing modeling for fun and to make a little extra cash for the last three years :) I pride myself on being reliable, fun, easy going, and always striving to push myself to get the best picture I can. I am still learning but personally I don't think you are every truly done. I am trying to move my modeling into a more professional place so I have been doing a lot in recent months to try and get healthier and generally improve my looks, so I will be trying to keep my photos up to date with my current look for reference. I am open to almost all styles of photography I have done everything from basic beauty shots to full nude in freezing temperatures and am always looking for experience in new or difficult things. I look forward to doing some networking and working with new photographers! I also should mention that with one obvious exception all the photos I have posted are unedited other than brightness/contrast alteration, because I think it is important you see what I actually look like as well as what Photoshop can turn me into :)


11 Nov 15 19:57
Congrats ! Great start
10 Nov 15 18:33
Lovely work!
10 Nov 15 15:09
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