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Hi! I am a major multi-tasker. That is what I do. I currently work as a supervisor for Starbucks, and I bartend and cater on the side. I am in school full-time studying pre-law and psychology. And now I've decided I enjoy modeling. What I mean by that, once I decide to do something: it's done. I am very hardworking and I love love love new experiences. I haven't been modeling long at all, so I would definitely consider myself the definition of a beginner but I take direction and criticism well. You will not hurt my feelings. I started modeling because of friend of mine needed a model for a portfolio project she was doing for school. I realized I loved it. I've been having a lot of fun with it and meeting a lot of amazing people. My favorite part about it is working with the photographer to make both of our artistic dreams come true. It really is a beautiful partnership.
When I am not working, doing school work, or at a shoot, I read. I am an avid lover of the classics, and that reflects in the fashion I love. I'm not really a color person. I stick to bolder colors: black, white, red, dark blue, etc. If I'm not reading (or preparing for the two book clubs I'm in), I am writing. I co-owned a literary magazine for a few years with two friends of mine that I wrote for and now I just free-lance poetry and short stories for whatever poor soul will read them. I have been published a few times, but nothing really to note. IF I am not writing, reading, working, schooling or modeling, I'm hanging out with my best friend, Buddy. He is my pitbull-sharpei who is napping on my lap as I type this. We like to rock climb. I also help out my friends with their musical creations, and I assisted in running a music venue for a few years. Project is on hold, but we are still trying to reopen.
Occasionally, I also pretend I am a typical 21 year old girl and pretend to have a social life. If anything in that jumble of a paragraph sounded like someone you'd like to work with, let me know! 99% of the time, I will be down. I do not do nudes. I will do SOME boudoir, but only if and when I am comfortable with it. If you are asking me to travel, I will need you to cover the expenses. Don't worry though, I get really awesome gas mileage. Let's have some fun!


26 Nov 15 16:26
Gorgeous work!
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