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Hi Im Robb. Former Pro wrestler from California.. Been shooting for a few years,But the last 4 with digital. .
still need work .. im no pro ! .
.. Looking to do TFP .. Need to get better and the only way to is to shoot . If there is anyone out there who would like to shoot with me ..
Leave me a message and see what we can do .. I also travel to so cal once a month so I can hook up there as well

Things I would love to shoot

Cosplay ~

Steampunk ~


Goth ~

Rock Bands ~( Black Metal )

Pin- up ~

Day of the dead theme ~

Theme shoots~
-Sci fi

Junk yard~

Desert ~

Cave ~


Abandoned House ~


237228-Switchblade Sue - stunning and great .. a doll
689981-Alexis Nichole- great to work with . does it all for you
1860369-JordanRose Guinn- great and cute as a button
322189 -Ashley Kate- the best funny .. and knows her stuff
728975 -Brittany Billionaire . stunning !
1762785-JessicaRauchell . fun to work with .
1280385-Aneiszka Sea - great look .. amazing hair !
893971-Britney Void - best eyes ever
391714-Lizzy Valentine- sweet as can be
366526-Ravish - super cool .. great look .
98288-ChanelR- shooting this looker is a must .. so sweet and real
444668- _Buggy- Great stuff needs no help.. cant wait to shoot her again
all above on MM


18 Feb 13 03:03
Love your work! If your interested would like to work with you
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