About Me

Hi There!
My name is John!
I shoot with Canon and Nikon both, with a wide assortment of good lenses for each. I also have a couple of infrared converted cameras that can take some interesting shots!

I love to share ideas and thoughts about photography, I believe with the right people (and light!), you can do wonders! If you have any ideas for a shoot, tell me, I KNOW we can work something out and get some GREAT shots!!!

Due to my "real job" I am currently available only on Sundays for the full day, and some Saturdays (early only) but check with me for other times during the week, I am available later in the evenings!

Please, if we DO set up something, try to follow up, be on time and be ready! If you are NOT going to be able to make it, then please take a second of your time and let me know well in advance, studio space is not free, neither are makeup artists, hair stylists and the others who put their hard work into a shoot, to make YOU look good! My time is valuable to me, just as yours is to you~

Thanks for taking the time to view my profile!
Remember, it only takes a moment to capture your beauty....forever!!!


07 Jan 16 18:10
Nice work!
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