About Me

Hi all!

I've been part of Zivity since the very first photo shoot.

Worked with models including:
Pearl, Damanda, Kitten, Adelle, Mischa, Heather West, Niki, AnimaeTod, Ginary

Sometimes a night owl. Full moons certainly keep me up.

Photographer, Producer, Musician

New York, NY

My Hometown
Minneapolis, MN

Favorite Music
deadmau5, NIN, Electronic, Breakbeats, Rock, I love too many to list. Just can't handle large doses of country or cheese ball euro trance

Favorite Films
Fifth Element, Across the Universe, War Games, Close Encounters, Vegas Vacation, any 007, Tron, lots of documentaries, so many...

Favorite Books
I get distracted...

My Superpower
getting an awesome team together


05 Feb 16 14:23
Welcome! Wishing you all the best.
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