Kita St Cyr
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 Imperial (lbs/in.)
 Metric (kg/cm.)
Weight:145 lbs
Measurements:37-32-42 in
Shoe Size:9
Hair Color:Black
Hair Length:Long
Eye Color:Brown
Ethnicity :Hispanic
Skin Color:Olive
Experience:Very Experienced
Join:6 Feb 2010

About Me

1) I'm on a hardcore kitsch kick. I want my portfolio filled to the brim with colorful cheesiness! This means Snowdomes, flying ducks, diners, tiki anything and everything, flamenco themes, neon lights, religious allusions, and anything else you can throw at me!
2) I want to be a part of making pictures I'd put on my wall at home. Black and whites and fetish especially, but in keeping with vintage aesthetics.
3) I want to put out a calendar for 2010!

Thought it'd be obvious from my portfolio but I guess not.
I am not a nude model. There are some amazing ones on OMP. I am not one of them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you from?
I'm of Puerto Rican decent, but I was born and raised here in NY :D
What does your tattoo mean?
Courtesy of Wikipedia:
Ichi-go ichi-e (????, literally "one time, one meeting") is a Japanese term that describes a cultural concept often linked with famed tea master Sen no Rikyu. The term is often translated as "for this time only," "never again," or "one chance in a lifetime."
Ichi-go ichi-e is linked with Zen Buddhism and concepts of transience. The term is particularly associated with the Japanese tea ceremony, and is often brushed onto scrolls which are hung in the tea room. In the context of tea ceremony, ichi-go ichi-e reminds participants that each tea meeting is unique.
The term is also much repeated in budo (martial ways). It is sometimes used to admonish students who become careless or frequently stop techniques midway to "try again," rather than moving on with the technique despite the mistake. In a life-or-death struggle, there is no chance to "try again." Even though techniques may be attempted many times in the dojo, each should be seen as a singular and decisive event.

Where do you shop?
I shop at a lot of different places. Some of my cooler clothes are from Beacon's Closet. I also luck out at TJ Maxx, Forever 21, and Salvation Army. If you're less of a cheap ass than I am, check out these links for great vintage & repro clothes.

02/21/09 - SPierce
02/28/09 - *Out of Town*, sorry, no shoots
03/07/09 - Mark Lacy
03/14/09 - D.C.?