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About Me

I am a mature amateur photographer - amateur because I do photography for fun & pleasure and not to make money.
I tend to do more on landscape, events and street photography.
I have now started getting into nude photography and find it quite a challenge in terms of the skillset required to master this type of photography - taking time out to learn about posing techniques and lighting in order to take better nudes.
I started with one model and found it a very interesting and showed up several areas for improvement - which I am currently addressing. I did manage to get some nice pictures though - which I am currently working on with a photo editor to get to a better presentable state.
My idea of good photography is to take the best shot possible - and do minimum photo editing. I know you can do wonders with the picture with photoshop - but to me I tend to go for simple images and minimal editing.
Maybe I will get into photo art later.