Tai'ena Fox - Purple reign
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 Imperial (lbs/in.)
 Metric (kg/cm.)
Weight:100 lbs
Measurements:32-27-31 in
Shoe Size:8.5
Hair Color:Black
Hair Length:Long
Eye Color:Brown
Ethnicity :Hispanic
Skin Color:Other
Experience:Some Experience
Join:1 Mar 2010

About Me

Wasssup...todo mi gente (all my people). My name is Tai'ena Fox. If you cannot pronounce it don't worry...you are so not alone. You actually pronounce it "Thai-e-na". My name actually derives from my Puerto Rican heritage. (Yes I am 100% Boriqua). Taina's are female descendants of the people that we now know to be Puerto Ricans. Puerto Ricans are actually a mix of Spanairds, African-Americans, Native American Indians, and Anglo-Saxons. Now that concludes your history lesson of the day. Class dismissed...===============================>>>>>>>

Ha Ha. All joking aside. I am originally from West New Brighton Staten Island, N.Y. (Shout out to the Wu) born and raised. I moved when I was 16 when my parents got divorced. I moved to Orlando, Fl and here is where I've stayed.==================================>>>>>>>

I also realize that even though I am 25 years young. There are a lot of models who have been in the game since they were young teens... maybe even younger.They have lots of experience. I don't have much experience yet. What I lack in experience I make up with attentiveness, my ability to follow directions and the way I am able to adapt to different situations.I know that I have a long way to go to be a great, well-known, successful model. That's okay though. I am a patient person and I know with plenty of hard work and my capability to "Brush that dirt off my Shoulders" I should make it eventually.=============================>>>>>>>>

I'm trying to weed out the fakes from the professionals. It's pretty easy but time consuming. I've had a lot of people wanting to offer me free shoots (TFP/TFCD) but I do not want to work with just anyone unless they do absolutely magnificent work.==============>>>>>>>>

I have had offers to do paid shoots already however, again I am not going to lower my standards just to build up my portofolio or anybody elses. I figured that I started off on a high note and that is where I want to stay and exceed not recede.

Right now Im like the rap song by the Wu Tang called C.R.E.A.M. I'm all about the "dollar dollar bills yo." lol.

But, seriously like I said it will have to be a well known or very artisitc photographer to get me to shoot with them right now for free. I hope that does not sound rude, but that is how I truely feel. ===========================>>>>>>>>>>>

This industry exudes bluntness so I am sure I am not saying anything that anyone has never heard before. I just do not want to give the impression that I am naive because I am not. I have a bachelor's degree in Communication and another degree from "The School of Hard Knocks" provided by my up bringing in Staten Island, N.Y. So its pretty hard to get something by me. That being said I hope to receive tons of worthwhile offers to take my career all the way to the top.

As for the age old question will you do nude shoots? The answer is yes I will but only for paid shoots.

This is the rate that I will charge and it is for a three hour minimum:

For every type of print including implied nude photos $100.00 an hour

At this time I am not doing any other type of nude photos. I am trying to enter a few contests and they frown on that sort of thing.

I believe that these are very reasonable prices. Even if you say the shoot will only last less then an hour, I am still charging the full three hour price. Let's face it we all have a price. There is no room for negotation. I would not ask anyone to lower their price if they do exceptional work so I would like to have the same courtesy returned.

The reason why I won't shoot a nude or implied photo shoot for less than three hours is because that is the amount of time I feel is needed to take quality shots.

Also before you contact me can you please answer the following questions in your email:

1) What type of job it is (TFP,TFCD,or paid)
2) How many looks are we taking
3) What type of assignment is it (glamour,fashion,etc.)
4) What location do you have in mind (indoor,outdoor)
5) Do I receive a copy of every shot that we take and how
long will it take for me to receive it.
6) Will a MUA/hairstylist be provided
7) Will I have to sign a model release form or will I retain the
rights to my own photos.

Sorry for all the questions. It just helps me better determine which jobs will be worthwhile and which aren't. It also helps me determine which people are actually taking the time to read my port in its entirety. That way I will know who is just looking at my pictures and not really caring about me or the job professionally.

Thank you to everyone that I have had a chance to speak with. In addition, thanks to all of you who want a friend request or want to work with each other in the future. You are what is keeping me on point and helping me with my swagger.

It's 2009 people lets make some money!