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Weight:95 lbs
Measurements:33-24-30 in
Shoe Size:5
Hair Color:Blonde
Hair Length:Shoulder Length
Eye Color:Green
Ethnicity :Other
Skin Color:White
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About Me

Magdalena Hultqvist - The weirdo - The child - The psycho

The year 1996, I received my very first contact and experience with the Modelling Industry. The main reason that made me interested and curious for what the Modelling industry actually could offer me, and bring into my life, were my own sister.

Together, we began a long-term co-operation in the Modelling/ Photography industry, which has lead us to some very important and valuable experiences, and certainly in first place - Big success!

Gradually, as the time passed and as we both become safer, confident and comfortable with our present working together we decided to give a big part of our focus and attention to our photographic projects, which still continue between us.

During the years, we have made a lot of different works together, which has given both of us experiences to a great degree. According to my own opinion, I think it is a great benefit for both the Model and the currently photographer, to be and to feel multifaceted! You will never have to feel that you are stuck or finite in any single way.

According to my own opinions and experiences, I think photographing is quite emotional. For me, it is a perfectly brilliant way to release everything, which has been taken place in my mind during some time. I experience a very strong and unique pleasure, a relief, a surge of joy and happiness when I am working.

These moments are very valuable, important and appreciated moments for me. They have got a strength that makes me to feel easy-going, happy and just released in my soul. To shoot, can be healing mentally, at least for me. It is a way of making your expressions and emotions seen and heard, just like so many others! But, for me it is so much more beyond that.

Somehow, I'm getting high! I give all of my attention to each unique moment, and each project is really important to me, I am always trying to get the best out of each unique situation!

I have learnt so much during my time in the modelling industry, and even before that. I have learnt that I better letting myself "grow" naturally, instead of trying to publishing myself like someone that I can't ever be or stand up for. During my years, and my personal experiences in this industry, I have even all naturally created my own Face, Style and Profile, which I really feel that I can speak for, and that above all Represent me, all alone, without having any special sweetness or fake expressions.

I am very curious, obstinate, outgoing, mad and talkative, these four qualities are meant to represent me, expressed with pretty few words, the way I am! But according to my own opinion, these four things, tells us quite a lot, don’t you think so?

This is my life, My story on the road while I'm getting through, and How I'm getting through it, My way!

I would like each and every one of you to consider my works and my history and then create your own opinion about me. If there are any questions or thoughts about anything that involves me, I ask you to keep in touch with me. I would love to answer your questions or just listen to what’s on your mind.

I have got some years of experience in the Movie-industry and Theatre-industry as well. I have been involved in a couple of film projects, feature films, TV series and some short films before I went into the modelling industry. This is also a very important and valuable part of my future works.

Apart from me and my sisters’ co-operation since many years now, I have got a more extensive cooperation with different photographers and agencies around the world. Mostly, I have spent a big part of my time working in my dear neighbour country Denmark. I have met some recognized photographers there and they are still the once who I have decided to hold on to. I always pick with big care. I have done a couple of works though my model agencies, and even through personal contact.

Mostly, people get in touch with me personally if they are interested, which I appreciate a lot. Please keep on doing this!

Here are some photographers that I’ve been working with during the years so far:

Evelina Hultqvist - Sweden
Jonny Lind – Sweden
Sherif Omar – Sweden
Janne Kraft (Norway)
Emmeli Hultqvist - Sweden
Jack Rank Meyer – Denmark
Preben Kirkholt – Denmark
Kenneth Kisbye – Denmark
Filip Stadler – Denmark
Bill Isherwood”Randall” – USA
Abraham – England
Geoffrey Pereira - Singapore

Personally, I have got a very big interest and passion for Languages! I do not find it hard to learn, I love to learn new languages and to discover new cultures. I appreciate the differences between the places and between different people; I love the fact that all of us actually are unique! I speak fluent Swedish and English, and a little Italian as well which I do study at the moment.

I have got a couple of my works published in magazines or in other situations. Below, you can on your own check out my different model agencies and some of my earlier works and experiences. Please notice that some of my works are really old today, remember how fast the development goes on! ;)

Here you will find a big selection of my different pictures in different situations, different dates, years and themes. Please take your time here, and enjoy of which photographic works you find interesting and depending on what you fancy. I am always trying to work in a very wide way that hopefully will please every one in some single way, whatever how!

Please visit the links below for further information, check out some of my earlier experiences and works below for high quality sessions.

My Model Agencies:



And here are a few other sites which might inspire and lead you on the road into some of my earlier experiences. Please check out the others below.




http://djungeltrumman.se/flashNummer_27/index.html (My pictures published in a Swedish magazine)



http://dagensskiva.com/2007/05/05/redaktionen-aprils-basta/ (My picture published in a Swedish magazine)

For even more detailed Information / Awards / References, experiences, please get in touch with me!

My own website seem to be running before too long, but because of a busy and a narrowly timetable, I excuse if it might take some longer time, before too long you’ll be able to have a well-presented closer look at me, I hope.

Have you seen my childhood? I'm searching for the world I come from, to heal what I never had.

All the best wishes// Magdalena Hultqvist


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