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*UPDATE... 12/28/09*

I'm finished with shooting the way i was shooting before, i was trying to shoot in a way i wasn't. I need to get back to basics... I need to start shooting art again. Concepts that have millions of words and emotions attached. I'm truly sick with the crap that i have to show for... i'm starting to dabble in fetish, as well as bodyscapes... so dropped my restriction on that stance, of no nudity, right now art is art, no matter the subject, im dreaming up concepts and i'm ready to blow up with them... Animals back, i might not be on the drums but i'm still going to beat the shit out of this!


*UPDATE... 09/01/09*

I'm off my hiatus, I went on it abruptly because my hard drive crashed, (more like it was dropped by someone who will remain nameless) and all attempts to recover any data from it has proven futile... so that means all my work for the last four years is gone. I should care, but I don't, I mean when it happened I did, I was completely distraught, I didn't know what to do with myself, but now... lets face it, it sucked, yes some of the concepts were good but all execution was half ass, because I was shooting like an ass. I can't justify it, all I know (like me not backing up my work) it will never happen again. One thing that has been going trough my mind lately day in and day out... is that i'm better than this, I know more than what my portfolio shows, and I need to stat showing it. Right now i'm scouting for models, MUAs, hairstylist, and fashion designers, also rescouting locations, and rethinking concepts that will be my new portfolio... I have been perfecting a certain way to shoot / post process in the past month or so, that will certainly give me a look that not many could match, i'm also going to do more sets, i'm a natural born story teller, and I use to think that if I wanted to be an awesome photographer I should do it with only one shot, now I say screw that a story or concept should not be diminished for some ego driven need to be “that guy” … cause to be “that guy” I just need to show that i'm “that guy” not just “a guy with a camera”... slainte!

William Gunnar Estrella
Address: 536 Washington Hoboken NJ, 07030
Phone: 551-655-8747 Email:wgestrella@gmail.com

To acquire a position that will increase my knowledge of industry standards and equipment, as well as allow me to become well acquainted with other professionals in the industry

Proficient with both: Leaf Capture and Capture One. As well all Leaf Valeos and PhaseOne H & P series digital backs
Highly proficient in all three camera formats
Large – Toyo, Arca – Swiss, Gandolfi
Medium – Mamiya, Hassalblad
Small – Sony, Canon, Nikon, Panasonic
Most in both Film and Digital
Well trained and knowledge in lighting equpiment Strobe and Tungsten as well as experimentation with other rarely used formats (Black light, Flood lights, Flash lights.)
Expert with Profoto strobes and power packs as well as a number of different light shaping tools (softboxes, zooms, magnums, snoots, ect.)
Digital post processing: Adobe Photoshop CS3, and other photo editing software programs

2007- Present company Bethpage, NY
Briarcliffe College
Teacher's Assistant / Personal aid to Studio Manager
Responsible for Setting up equipment before class demos
Assisting in Advance Demos, helping younger students
Working with all available studio strobes and tungsten lights and packs. Also digital backs in all formats
Troubleshooting and repairing malfunctioning equipment.
Giving private demos of experimental lighting techniques and private tutoring

Briarcliffe College – Bethpage NY
Applied Science Associates Degree in Photography – 2009