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 Imperial (lbs/in.)
 Metric (kg/cm.)
Weight:95 lbs
Measurements:34-22-32 in
Shoe Size:6
Hair Color:Brown
Hair Length:Medium
Eye Color:Hazel
Ethnicity :Caucasian
Skin Color:Tanned
Experience:Some Experience
Join:5 Jun 2009
Last:15 Nov 2010

About Me

~POWERFUL~DETERMINED~INTENSE~MYSTERIOUS~MAGNETIC~CHARISMATIC~ to name a few traits that describe me perfectly. and i just dont throw those worde out there cuz they sound good like most people, that truley is my personality. So basically i'm a S.P.E.C.I.A.L lil Bitch lol/jk kinda. It is funny how 9 times out of 10 i can spot a Virgo in a crowd. I am E.X.T.R.E.M.E.L.Y~C.O.N.F.I.D.E.N.T and have an A.M.A.Z.I.N.G~S.E.N.S.E~O.F~S.E.L.F. I know what i want in like and am very G.O.O.D~O.R.I.E.N.T.E.D.I know im not flawless but i realize that i gotta work with what i got and i love myself and the person i have become. i am forced to be reckoned with thats for sure. i Believe its better to have only a few close people in your than to know everyone just for the sake of knowing them. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>~QUALITY NOT QUANTITY~<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< At this point in my life i can't help but be popular and well known because of my success,a nd i am grateful for that,but i only have a few close trusting people that i keep around me. You may look at me and my sexy persona in my pictures and think i am a crazy party animal lol no wayyy! I dont go out to parties at all, on friday night i's so much go to my living room and pop in a movie and snuggle on teh couch with my man <3lol >>>>>>>guess that makes me BEAUTIFUL G.E.E.K haha <<<<<<<<< Have never done drugs. Drink occasionally but stopped. i have a different idea of the word F^U^N, most people are easily distracted by crap like going out and getting fucked up and then wonder why I ROCK AT LIFE. I just have my priorities straight Bitches, people are often threatened by my intense drive to be happy and have all that i want in life and dont blam them haha. Most people spend their whole paychecks on 1 outfit to wear to a club that night, get drunk and wind up screwing some loser they just met cuz there are so weak minded. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Its so ahrd for someone to take advantage of me and most people are dissapointed when they realize just how sharp minded i am. i can come across liek a sweet innocent girl but dont underestimate me cuz god help you, i have my shit straight and my guard up at all times. Being from OHIO and a A vIRGO u can bet i am a FEISTY LITTLE FIRECRACKER when need to be. i am nota l aid back country girl by all means, in fact i'm quite HYPER and can't really sit still lol which brings me to my next topic people wonder about me, how am i so skinny? genetics plays a big part in that if im not the only part, i dont exercise but like i said im very ENERGETIC so i'm always bouncing around and im not lazy either so i guess that causes me to burn calories lol, altho i would like to gain weight like 5-7lbs. i have been skinny my whole life and i really would not mind weightin a bit more. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ i lost my father when i was a baby, never met him, and i moved in with my mother and last year when i was 18 she had kicked me out on the street, it really hurt me becasue she was an amazing moher all my life but her last years with me becaome very irrational, but i like to be optimistic about things and i feel it molded me into the AMAZING PERSON i am today, everything happens fro a reason and FROM RAIN COMES A RAINBOWS right?!?! i am not spoiled AT ALL everything i have worked for and earned myself. i an NOT rich! that has got to be the biggest misconception about me. People look at my glamorous photosand think i am loaded. u would be shocked if you knew how much i get payed. i am in crazy debt and its definitly a struggly but i manage to get by. just cuz i'm pretty doesnt mean i come equipped with a tree in my backyard, that i can go pick money from. i gotta work hard to have things just like the rest of you.