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Cathy Johnson

About Me

I try to avoid "cookie-cutter" Maxim/Playboy type stuff, or any sort of cliched pose or look. Each model is unique, so I try to bring out that uniqueness with each image.

Most of my "planning" is limited to location. I will occasionally have a concept in mind, but I'd rather improvise and let the model and the setting dictate how the image will look. So, even if the location is the same from shoot to shoot, the focus will be on the model and her/his interaction with the location and with the camera, making for a unique and fresh image every time.

If you have a concept you want to try, I'll be glad to shoot it, just be open to the occasional, "Hmmmm .... wonder what it would look like if we go over HERE and try THIS."

I shoot mostly with Canon digital SLR equipment, but I will occasionally pull out the Holga film camera to get something fun and different. I have recently rediscovered my passion for video and short films. Since my Canon has HD video capabilities, I am looking for models to do some video projects. Also, there are times when I am in need of an actor or actress for one of my short films. In such cases, I will post a bulletin and/or a casting call.

If you want to bring an escort, that's fine, but A. it will have to be an on-location shoot, since my studio is a small room in my home. I can't really have unattended strangers hanging about and B. let them know they may be put to work (holding a reflector, helping to carry gear from here to there, etc.)


Models on MM I've worked with:

Shannon James
Liv Faith
Anna Burns
Laura D


23 Jun 13 09:42
I will be in your area june 25
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