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Weight:55 lbs
Measurements:34-32-30 in
Shoe Size:5
Hair Color:Brown
Hair Length:Long
Eye Color:Blue
Ethnicity :Caucasian
Skin Color:Tanned
Experience:Some Experience
Join:5 Oct 2011

About Me

Hellooo Every 1 .....

Im Joanne , 21 Years of age,

Based* I`m based in darlington, and im also willing to travel up to 10miles, i will travel further , only if expenses are paid.

Type of Shoot* At the moment i do not have location shoots, im willing to do home/studio shoots, and will do a outdoor shoot if any photographers have some where in mind.

Aims* My Aspiration is to become a sucessfull unique model, there is things about me that you`d never of guessed, more about that in About Me Section :D.

Shoots* Im looking for Photographers who offer TFP/TFCD shoots , as i havent got that much experience to start charging, although i`m willing to accept paid shoots depending on assignments :D

Experience* Since Being new to the industry, ive not had much experience, ive had 3 shoots so far and i am more confidence now, and ive notice i`m more confidence in life as well, not just photoshoots :D i`m willing to try out new and creative ideas to build upon a better portfolio.

Ideas* I have a few ideas of photos i want to try, (some crazy ones lol) these pics would show who i am as a person :D

**On a Beach, Glamour Style.
** Posing on a bonet of a flash car
** With a Snake, Lookin Terrifed though... snapshot of Overcoming a Fear :D
** Wearing a Pinstripe Suit With Hat and tie with a Dog!, Prefrebaly a doberman or a Stafforshire Bull Terrier. (black or white)
**Shoot With PVC outfits
**Candy Raver, Bold Bright Colours, Tutu, fluffy Boots, Whistles, Etc, o and a Rather Large Lollipop :P
**Group shot , all wearing bright fun colour clothes , lauging and having fun

About Me ** here we go lol
Im very new to the modelling industry, and i`m loving every second of it, ive always wanted to model since being a teenager :), i did not get chance to start the career early because at 18 i was suffering with *kidney failure* and was often very ill.. then when i turned 20 i started *Peritoneal Dialysis* in Feb 2008, i had a *Tenkhoff Catheter* inserted in my stomach which hung down 6 inches :(, i had to dialise my self 4 times a day, i caught 5 infectons, 4 of them was *Peritontitis* so got the catheter removed in Janury 09, then had to have a neck line put in my neck for a week, then got a tunnel line in chest for 2 months..
I finally got a fistular , the joining of a artery and a vien!, so its a bigger, stronger and more visable vien for the needles to be inserted for dialysis.
Due to all that lot, i have scars, which i`m proud of, it shows how brave i am and what i have gone through.. :D.....

NOW, im on dialysis 3 times week , MON.WED.FRI , Mornings, i dialise for 3 and half hours. but i`m in the dialysis center for 4 n half hours the least, so wouldnt be able 2 do shoots on them days between 8am - 1.30pm , Im currently waiting for a kidney transplant so its vital for me to have my mobile ON at all times..


Markings* I have 8 tattoo`s,6 piercing`s and 7 Scars :D

Rosary Beads around right ankle, with cross on foot
a J on back of neck
Tribal patteren with stars upper back
A butterfly with hearts and bit of tribal on lower back
Arabic Writing down upper left arm.
3 chinese Symbols down right side of stomach.

Ears Done 3 Times, only wear 1 pair of earrings, looks tacky with 3 pairs :)
My Belly Button
And my Toungue.

Due To Kidney Failure ....
little 1 on neck and chest, neck lines
inch long on both wrist, Fistulars..
a circle scar on stomach, Tenkhoff Cathether
inch long scar where by bladder is, Tenckhoff Catheter
never ending needle marks on left arm, Dialysis
**these scars are quite dark and easy to see**
got a long scar across just under stomach, due to a Hernia.

Overall... I`m a Reliable model and enjoy shoots, i try to be professional as well :D,
The Modelling gives me somethink to lo forward to focus on in life :), im really enjoying it, it takes my mind of the dialysis :D.

Thanks for taking time to read through my profile, any comments/advice are welcome.

. xxjoannexx


06 May 11 07:36
Some lovely shots, all the very best with your modelling and congrats on your amazing courage and attitude. J
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