About Me

Hello Mayhemites. Thanks for checking out my profile / portfolio. If you would like to setup a shoot, feel free to contact me and we can discuss the details.

What's important? ...

Attention to detail, punctuality, relaxing and most importantly... FUN! If you can't have fun during a photo shoot, then something is... well... just wrong with you.

Also... this is my full-time gig. I don't call it WORK because I love it so much and I'm very passionate about what I do... however, if you contact me to shoot, please expect to be discussing rates and paying for my services. Sure, you can find a LOT of people here to shoot you for free and you will get some decent shots... but you get what you pay for.

As for Trade/Test shoots... From time to time, I will contact models to test for something. It will always be for the benefit of everyone involved.

CD's, DVD's?... I do not give out CDs/DVDs of the entire shoot. (Weddings, however, are a totally different story) I assume that if we shoot you are looking to get some nice, quality, finished images for your book. As a team, we only deserve the best representation of our work together being shown publicly... not a bunch of unfinished work displayed arbitrarily on a myspace profile. Please don't take this as an elitist statement. This is just the way I feel my work should be done, that's all.

I also have an extensive background in graphic/photo design and editing. All of my retouching and post production is done by me. I am hands on from shutter release to print.

Anyway, be cool and I hope to hear from ALL of you.

http://www.smkstudios.com | shawn@smkstudios.com