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About Me

Teenage photographer striving to become a well-know fashion photographer in the *hopefully* near future!
I believe age doesn't matter, what matters is the talent! If you want to work with me, don't let the fact that I'm only a teenager get in your way. I'm smart and mature. And also, my work has already been published in international magazines, I've worked with international models, and I *think* I'm pretty good at what I do, or at least that's what I've been told!

-Editing usually takes me two weeks.
-I'll give you high resolution files as well as a medium one.
-I like creating relationships with the people I work with, so basically if you work with me and I like you, you will have to be my friend FOREVER ok, that sounded creepy haha, what I mean is I always try to get along well with the models and make the shoot fun, so no, if you're mean and bitter, I won't work with you, no matter how pretty your face is
-Please keep in mind I can only shoot on weekends because I'm still at school!

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Behind the Scenes, etc.

deviantART - www.curiousser.deviantart.com
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Twitter - www.twitter.com/dannielaramos

September 26 - Aggie Blanco
September 27 - Pablo Solano & Luis Loynaz
October 1 - Irving Olvera (Studio)
October 3 - Irving Olvera (Location)

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