About Me


I like to take pictures that hopefully make you think, or at the least go what in the world are they doing... Images that when you look at them for a bit you see more and more details, perhaps a story.

I am Patrick Andraste. I live in Seattle WA and I have this hobby of taking pictures of people and things. I have been taking pictures in earnest for about twelve years now. I have been published in magazines, I have been shown in galleries and my work appears on many websites.

I am also a fetish and bondage model so I understand both sides of the camera. Constantly I have ideas and things going through my mind that I would like to set up and photograph before I forget them.

I can easily travel around the northwest. Outside of the Northwest I am available with travel and expenses paid.

If I can get content for my rubberbound.com website out of our work together I am interested in a trade shoot. When I do trade shoots, I give you scans of all of the images with no watermarks if I am shooting on film. If I am shooting Digital I give you all of the raw images as they come out of the camera with no watermarks. You are free to use the images in any way you wish. I even give you what I call a reverse model release conveying equal rights to the images.

If you have a project you would like me to work with you on feel free to contact me.

I have a considerable wardrobe and various props to work with such as cars, motorcycles, guns, bondage gear, Dungeon, Swimming Pool, Swing Set... I usually provide all clothing and props for my shoots. I just ask that you bring yourself, a positive and fun attitude and your own makeup. If you have particular outfits and accessories you would like to use, please bring them!

Escorts, boyfriends, girlfriends, husbands, friends, life partners are all welcome to my shoots!
I have an eclectic selection of cameras to work with from medium format to digital to underwater. Depending on the shoot and the project, I can shoot film or digital.

Send me a message if you are interested in working together.


Art Shows I have been featured in:
Seattle Erotic Art Festival, 2004
Seattle Erotic Art Festival, 2005
Seattle Erotic Art Festival, 2006
SUSHI Art Show 2006
SAKE Art Show 2007
S&M Underground March 2007
SAKE Art Show 2008

Publications I have been featured in:
Secret Magazine, issue 25
D&S Magazine, France, winter 2000
The Stranger Newspaper
The Seattle Sinner Newspaper

Websites that contain my work: