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Hi, thanks for looking at my offering here on iStudio. Please tag me to say you popped by.

Currently in Burlington, Ontario. Here until Thursday 21st May then off to the UK for a couple of weeks.

When I am home I live in the Midlands (not far from Twycross zoo) in the UK but regularly travel to Vancouver, Winnipeg, Toronto, North Carolina and all around the UK with my work as a Project Manager. I am always on the look out for opportunities to shoot, be they studio based or outdoor impromptu shoots.

I shoot a lot of stock photography and have done a lot of studio work.

My approach is professional and courteous and I would expect the same in return. If I am hiring a studio and post processing images for a TFP/TFCD shoot I would expect the model to get herself there without the need for travel expenses.

Of course I do pay for models if I have a specific project in mind.

I always put 100% of effort into any shoot and love to hear ideas from the model so that we can both learn from each other's experiences.

If you are looking for some new shots, then give me a shout and I would be only to happy to help. References can be provided if required.

I would love to do a classic retro/pin up style shoot, so, if you have the outfits and would like some shots of this style, send me a message.

Thanks again for visiting.


23 May 09 02:22
Hey Andrew! I am good! Hope you are well too... have a great holiday weekend!! -sambo
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