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Hi I'm Eric,


I'm studying photography and looking to do TF* while I learn more about my style and work on developing my skills. I have always loved capturing beautiful moments and feel each photo has an emotional experience captured with it. I'm willing to work with models with little or no experience to help build each other's portfolios. If you are interested in having a few more photos to add to your port, please message me or leave a comment. I would also appreciate Constructive Feedback on my photos from professionals so I can continue to grow as a photographer. Any tips or tricks of the trade are welcome. I have a day job and do this as a hobby, so weekday mornings are unavailable for me. However I'm off work by 3:30pm so afternoons or early evenings during the week are perfect for me. Weekends are very flexible. I look forward to hearing from you!




30 Jul 13 21:26
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