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About Me

Hi, I'm Beth. Thanks for your interest in my portfolio!

I am a female photographer, currently working on a few book projects. I like to bring in the aura of female energy as bold, vibrant, strong, and sexy, along with showing the femininity that a male photographer fails to capture. I am also a model, so I understand what it is like on both sides of the camera.

I specialize in, but am not limited to, retro pin-up, fetish, gothic, and dark photography. I have a studio in Eugene and also shoot on location. An expanded view of my profile can be found on MySpace (link above).

I am currently shooting some TFCD. If you are interested, feel free to contact me!


Private Portfolios
(* Denotes more than one shoot)

Sherey Admire 2010 Oregon (model)
Shanti Noreika 2010 Oregon (model)*
Margie Putman 2009-2010 Florida (model/bellydance)*
Femme Jolie 2009 Oregon (model)*
Crystal Goding 2009 Oregon (model)
Ivy Nicole 2009 Oregon (model)
K 2009 Oregon (model)
Taralynn 2009 Oregon (model)
Kitty 2009 Oregon (model)*
Miss Kittie Katrina 2009 Oregon (model/burlesque)
Selina Kyle 2009 Oregon (model)
Becky Stafford 2009 Oregon (model)
Teala Marie 2009 Oregon (model)
Daphne Danger 2009 Oregon (model/actress)
Bullet Brains 2008 Oregon (model/roller derby)
Aerial Strike 2008 Oregon (model/roller derby)
Devan Coombes 2009 Oregon (actress)
Shannon Healy 2008 Oregon (model)
Tuli Jakobson 2008 Oregon (model)
Shawnna Young 2008 Oregon (model)*
Tabula Rasa 2008 Oregon (model)
Toya Lovelace 2008-2009 Oregon (model)*
Little Nikki 2008 Oregon (model)
Cathy Walsh 2008-2009 Oregon (model)*
Breanna Carter 2008 Oregon (actress)
Maida Belove 2008-2009 Oregon (actress)*
Beth Fisk 2008 Oregon (model)
Rebecca Hicks 2008 Oregon (model)*
Nico None 2008-2009 Oregon (model)*
Karen Curls 2008 Oregon (model)
Shaundra 2008 Oregon (model)
Erica P 2008 Oregon (model)
Anthony B 2008 Oregon (model)
Stella 2005-2007 Florida (model)*
Spring Rayne 2005-2010 Florida/Oregon (model)*
Bewitching Bella 2006 Florida (model)
Brianna 2006 Florida (model/dance)
Natasha LeGate 2005-2007 Florida (model)*
Eve-L 2006 Florida (model)
Karen Stephenson 2006-2007 Florida (model)*
Kerrie Drew 2006-2007 Florida (model)*
Shannon Stone 2006 Florida (model)
Mona Stout 2006 Florida (model)
Kathy Janes 2006 Florida (model)
Christopher Penczak 2007 Florida (author)
Mike Feher 2006 Florida (musician)
Sirene Nebula 2006 Florida (model)


03 Sep 10 06:45
Excellent work
02 Sep 10 14:33
Just visiting your page to say hi and welcome! Please let me know if you're ever in need of assistance retouching your images
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