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About Me


Hi and welcome. I am not only a photographer, but I am also a graphic artist and can create and edit DVD's for your personal videos and use.
I am more into creating rather than just taking photos. Althought I will take some great photos of you. you may see other styles of the shot that may or may not look better.

Hey need some shots or updates? I am always willing to assist you with new shots if you help me with new material to work with.

My TFCD policy is as follows; You model, I provide a CD of all shots taken and you receive them same day b-4 you leave. They will be in high resolution and if you want I can even give them in low for the internet. If I inhance, improve, or edit the photos in any way you will get a copy of those as well.

I believe that when doing a TFCD it should be as stated your time for the CD, no jacking the model for money. Most of them are broke and need money and they could be doing better things with their time.

What does the model need? Unless otherwise stated please show up on time with their hair clean, clothing, I do have make-up on hand but if you have a preference please feel free to bring yours, and if you have an idea or a style wish, please speak up. A good personality and some patience as there are some times setups must be made.

Photoshop services available.

Tear Sheats, magazine covers, or other Graphic Art work also available.





Thanks for taking the time to stop by.

Please watch for changes in my port. I will be adding more artistic photos as I am moving more into that direction.