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Vinicio Estrada is a freelance photographer based out of California, specializing in fashion, beauty, glamour, and commercial photography.

Vinicio has been shooting for over 10 years now. He started his love for photography at young age when he got his hands on his first 35mm camera and took it apart to see how it works. He has always loved showing people what he sees and photography has been a way for him to share this with the world. He is a found lover of fashion and color and energy and this comes out in his work.

"I've had many stages in my photography from shooting skateboarders when I was in high school to shooting import shows, concerts and many different events in my 20's. Now that im older, I've come to a new stage in photography and that is what you see now. I love photography, I love showing people what I see through my eyes and the reaction that they give me when I shoot something, and they are blown away by it. Im constantly looking for new challenges, something that will make me step up my photography to the next level. I never want to stop evolving."


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i want to thank all the models and MUA's ive worked with, with out you i wouldnt of been able to capture the beauty that you see in my pictures.


12 Apr 10 16:03
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