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Robert Rosenberg is a art major at Central Oregon Community College. In the fall of 2010 Robert plans to attend the University of Oregon and major in Photography and minor in Advertising or Marketing or Art History. Robert photographs primarly shoots portraits, models portfolios, and sports. Robert is a freelance photographer, and contracted with Dyestat.com/ESPN Rise. Robert has also interned as a team photographer with the Portland Lumberjax. Robert never sets himself to any requirment but to achive something new and creative and always treat every shoot like its your last! If you are interested in a shoot please message Robert on MM or email robertrosenbergphotography@gmail.com

Typical Week- School on Tuesday and Thursdays, Work on the weekends.
Monday- *Free* (Sometimes studying for class)
Tuesday- Art History (10:15-12), Math (1:15-3), Track practice (4-5) Political Science (5:45-7:30)
Wednesday- *Free* (Sometimes studying for class)
Thursday- Art History (10:15-12), Math (1:15-3), Track practice (4-5) Political Science (5:45-7:30)
Fridays- Free all day! (sometimes I work)

Scheduled events:

**Please contact me to schedule a shoot**


Miss Shea Shea MM#696443
Miss Moxley MM# 669102
Cindy Stamps MM# 618305
Aimee JAdore MM# 592683
Bailey Brandt MM# 622703
Snow White Faerie MM# 608035
Sarah Willey MM# 774339
Lucy Bogus MM# 630945
Joey "JK" MM# 754599
Jordan Rain MM# 786979
Kiri MM# 1246007
Hada MM# 1373534
Marta Flori http://www.myspace.com/19347009
Chelsea Franklin
Amber Alston
Kamrie Pillar
Justine Pillar
Taelor Sanford MM#388696
Andy Elliot
Ashley Ricker
Portland Trail Blazers
Portland Lumberjax
Dyestat.com (5/22/09)- http://www.dyestatnw.com/?pg=dyestatnw- … er-Feature


14 Sep 10 15:37
Welcome to iStudio,
14 Sep 10 01:29
Excellent work
13 Sep 10 01:15
Hola Robert, You have an incredible portfolio. Very beautiful images. Congratulations. Alex
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