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Ohhhh, the logic of the MM model! She wants me to photograph her, give her all of the raw images, edit her favorites, give those to her as well, AND pay her! Here's the deal. I'll do that when you can get McDonald's to pay you to eat a Big Mac!

Ohhhh, the logic of the MM model! She fills her port with bodypaint shots and says she won't do nudes. That's like saying you won't expose your lips in pics by covering them in lipstick!

Ohhhh, the logic of the MM model who thinks she knows exactly how to best conduct and facilitate a successful photo shoot. We all know there's a reason that "National Bring Your Boyfriend to Work Day" doesn't exist! Duh! Yeah, I'm talkin' to you, Miss Elmira, NY!

Ohhhh, the logic of the MM model! She's totally fine with creating a ridiculously transparent white lie at the last minute to flake on a shoot rather than just telling the truth, too dumb to realize that she has compromised her honor and integrity! Not that she would have ever heard of those qualities or could even spell them. If you need a list of Mid Atlantic flakes and have all day to read your email then hit me up and I'll send it to you.

With that said, I offer a heartfelt "thank you" to the models pictured within. They appreciate a helping hand and understand that, for most of you, this modeling thing is not a real job. Just have fun with it while you're young because your tits will sag soon enough!

DISCLAIMER: Absolutely no models were harmed in creating the images you view here. They are all real models, with real hair, real eyes, and real boobs! Well....OK, I'll admit not all of the boobs are real! Anyway, they weren't harmed in anyway. Nobody did anything they didn't want to do. Nobody was kidnapped, held hostage, tied to a tree and left to die, or taken for a ride in my car. We just shot for about 90 minutes and to the best of my knowledge we're all happy with the results. Remember that the models pictured herein made the images for themselves and not for you! If you want images made for you please read the rest of this.

I used to have a very detailed professional resume here on MM, but I've learned over the past few years that MM models either cannot or do not want to read. Apparently, the only concern is "How much will you pay me?"

Here's the answer. Nothing! You may be beautiful. You may be talented. You may aspire to greatness and even have the cure to cancer in your back pocket. You may be a wonderful individual, but please do not confuse my wants with my needs. I may have a great desire to photograph you, but I don't need to photograph you! I don't need to photograph anybody. can you expect me to invest in you when you won't make an investment in yourself?

So, if you accept the aforementioned premise then there are 2 ways we can collaborate. You can pay for my services (my preferred option) or, under certain circumstances, we can agree to trade. Unless your look puts everybody in my port to shame any TFCD glamour work that we do will require some implied topless images as part of the session. Otherwise the work is too boring for me. Plus, if I payed you that's at least one less round of golf I can play.

I have 35 years of experience. There are 98 models pictured in my MM port, none of whom were paid and all of whom received images with which they're happy. As previously mentioned, none were abused in anyway and nobody went for a ride in the trunk of my car. I hope you'll agree that they all look happy and confident.
If you have questions, I'll be happy to answer them. Remember, have to be able to read.