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About Me

Hi and thank you for taking the time to find out about me and my photography.

I really started enjoying photography in 1989, my senior year in high school and here I am 20 years later still enjoying it.

I really appreciate all of the comments I've gotten from everyone. I am thankful for the support that I have from photographers Rebecca Ellis and Mark E. Martin. I am also thankful for every model that has given me the privilege of photographing them.

I only ask from any model is responsibility. Don’t make plans you cant keep, call the day before if you cant make it and make sure your escort is fully aware what the shoot consists of and make sure they are ok with it, especially if your escort is your husband or boyfriend.

Again I want to thank you for stopping by. If you find that you like my work leave me a comment. If you are a model and would like to work together, contact me.


2011.02.04 UPDATE! No shooting at this very minute due to the very cold weather. As soon as it warms I will be back to shooting as much as I can. Projects are below.

PAID SHOOTS.....Once again I will be back to shooting swimwear and the jobs will be for pay. I usually pick and choose the models for this but you can let me know that you are interested by emailing me.

POSSIBLE 2012 BIKINI CALENDAR..... This project will only be for models that are willing to invest in the project. Models must be willing to come to calendars promotions and events. It is hard to find models willing to put themselves into a project and help make it a success once the shoot is over and the calendar is printed. Most become disinterested in the project at that point. I shot a 2009 calendar and Ive seen these things happen. Ive also seen alot on infighting amongst models and have had some “Diva” issues.

I would like to do a project with NO drama and that is fun for everyone. I would like not only to use experienced models but would love to also use models with little, some, or no experience, so that the calendar is a way for them to say they have printed work. I also think it will be good exposure to help get more shoots with more photographers. Model location will be important. Its best that you 100 miles or less from New Orleans where most promotions will take place. The closer the better.

Models must preorder 25 calendars at the time of the shoot. That is $250.00 and you will get a receipt for you money along with a signed copy of refund form stating your money will be returned to you if the calendar fails to print. You can sell your 25 copies to people you know for $10.00 and your $250.00 back or sell them at the retail price of $20.00 and double your money. The suits are skimpy and probably something you wouldnt want to wear on the beach. I am willing to work with models to try to make tem comfortable with their suit. I supply all suits and you do get to keep them. I hate to ask for the money up front but I got burned on my last calendar. Girls wrote on their release how many calendars they were going to buy when the calendar was printed. It arrived and only a very few kept their word and I got stuck with more calendars than I can get rid of. I hope you can understand, I just want it to work out for everyone. You will also get images to put in your portfolios.

On your month you will also be able to put you MM, iStudio or OMP contact info. Or whatever info you choose, so that you may be contacted by other photographers.

TFP TFCD Shoots!

I am looking to work on projects with models near to southeast Louisiana. If you have a project idea that you need help with or would just like to add to your portfolio, I want to work with you. I will try to help you get your idea off the ground and into your portfolio.

I will shoot YOUR fashion, costume, lingerie or any other ideas you may have.

I am without a studio right now which limits me to working outside. I am working on finding a studio but rent is outrageous.

I am willing to shoot on a trade basis with everyone. You get photos and I get to expand my portfolio.


Models I've Worked With

MM Model #342032 Becky King
MM Model #872106 Ashley Cannon (x 2)
MM Model #761112 Lauren White
MM Model #721261 Crystal Blis (x 5)
MM Model #641711 Sicilia Ricci (x 2)
MM Model #668016 Blaze Starr
MM Model #718375 Felecia K.
MM Model #599677 Angelle Renee
MM Model #306136 Rebecca Rutherford
MM Model #231229 Arkady Hennessey (x 3)
MM Model #566266 Cammie
MM Model #587756 Cat Leigh
OMP Photographer Model #173260 Rebecca Ellis
OMP Model #349194 Laura Alexander
OMP Model #337000 Sherri Bravata
OMP Model #341652 Danielle Kifer
OMP Model #329995 *~Sweet Pea~* (x 4)
OMP Model #294279 Jamie Gates
OMP Model #320445 Mysti Gayle
(MySpace) Lisa Milton (x 2)
(MySpace) Nicole Burroughs
(MySpace) Dana S.
(MySpace) Lee
(MySpace) Lauri Lavoux
(MySpace) Brittany
(MySpace) Nikki


Contributing Photographer -
Exclusive Photographer - 2009 Bikini Dreams Calendar


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